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Who has the honor for the first one? Why, Alexa Chung of course.

She’s a television personality, a model, a contributing editor to Vogue and an all around It Girl, what isn’t this girl? Born from an British mother and a Chinese-English Father, this 29 year old has been classed as a style icon and is a muse to designers and everyday people.

She lives the life at front row seats to fashion shows and is a regular appearance on the covers of Bazaar, Vogue and Elle and count on her name being on the Best Dressed Lists. For the past three years, 2011-2013 she’s won the British Style Award, an award voted by the public. Alexa even inspired a bag from Mulberry called the ‘Alexa’ and its quickly been sought after.

Her style?
It’s no problem to say that Alexa is an influential person, she’s been raved about by some of the biggest name s in fashion such as Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld and has been declared ‘The Kate Moss of the new generation’

She has the ability to give her pieces a twist, mixing and matching retro with whats in style and completely owning it.

Style  inspiration?
Mick Jagger, Kurt Cobain or Jane Birkin and Francoise Hardy

Favorite item of clothing?
Her Denim shorts or her small Chanel bag

Favorite fashion city?

Her Hair
If its not her style that’s owning you, then check out this It Girl’s do. While its in its famous bob, Alexa Chung  has experimented with the hairstyle more than needed and always seems to find a new way on styling that classic look. She’s had it dark brown, ombre, with and without fringes, straight and tousled, you name it.

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